A Collection of Modern Heirlooms

I'm a European New Yorker, or maybe a New York European. Either way, my background is a mixed bag due to growing up all over the world.

Jewelry was always part of the backdrop. My aunt was an antique dealer who would come back from England and France and spread her treasures out over the bed. To the eyes of a little girl, it was like Christmas and fairy tales and magic all rolled into one. And so my love for jewelry began...

After studying jewelry design and silversmithing in NYC, I started to create my own modern versions of the "classic" designs I had seen growing up. That's one reason why pearls feature so prominently. The other is that I love them and believe they make every woman look beautiful.

I'm so lucky to have the Diamond District--with it's incredible resources--in my backyard. Every week I spend time there, selecting the material I want to use. It's a dizzying experience--sort of like stepping into Aladdin's cave--that never fails to inspire.

So welcome to my website! I hope you'll linger, ask questions, and share your love of jewelry with me.

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